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Locally owned and operated in Bowie, Maryland

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  • Joseph Alexander Sales
  • Robert Logan Sr.
    Sales Representative
  • Gillermo Padilla
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  • Melissa Marshall
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  • Abdullah Davis
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March 22nd, 2018 storm Damage
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March 2nd, 2018 Storm Damage
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February 24, 2016
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Need a local roofing contractor? Titanium Restorations, Inc. is locally owned and operated and customer service is our priority.

Why Choose Us

We assess your damage

Many times people do not even know that they have damage to their roof, or the extent of the damage that they have sustained. This is why we offer a no-obligation storm damage assessment.

We repair your damage

Titanium is committed to quickly repairing or replacing all areas of your home that may have been damaged by a storm. We utilize our experience, skill and quality craftsmanship to ensure your roof repairs will be done properly.

You enjoy your home!

From the free storm damage inspection through to the type of high quality building products we use, we continue to provide expert service and maintain relationships with our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my home insurance go up in cost if I make storm damage repairs?

After a disaster, insurance companies may raise every one’s rates in a given location due to repair claims. By not filing your claim, your personal rate increase is paying for everyone else’s storm damage repair claims… except yours. Call Titanium today and ensure the investment you made in your home is protected.

I don’t see any sign of damage even though a severe storm recently hit my neighborhood but. What should I do?

Call Titanium now because there’s no obligation for you, and we can do a complete inspection of your home. Whether your home has damage or not, you’ll have peace of mind that you gave us a call.

If I think my roof needs repairs, how do I check for signs inside the house?

On the inside of your house you can check your roof for sunlight shining through, darker spots or streaks, any areas where the roof may be sagging or sloping, and any signs of water damage.

Can I get a free consultation on a roof repair even if I don’t have specific storm damage?

We are a fully licensed Roof Repair Contractor. We see many houses that simply need roof replacement from years of wear and tear. As a  roof repair contractor, we will advise you to have your roof inspected annually to prevent long-term damage.

MD Roofing & Siding Repairs

Active Maryland Service Areas: Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Howard County