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Roof Repair
Yes, Titanium is licensed in Maryland and certified as a registered Home Improvement Contractor.
Hail Damage Repair
If your car parked outside, your mailbox, window screens, vinyl siding, air conditioner, etc. are damaged even slightly by hail, then your roof is likely damaged similarly. If damage exists to these items, contact Titanium today for a free repair estimate on your home’s siding or roof.
Storm Repair
If you’re in need of storm repair, contact Titanium today for a free estimate. We can determine if replacing roof shingles will be enough or if your storm repair requires more attention. Titanium uses the industry’s finest products when replacing roof shingles.
Siding Repair
A “quick fix” usually leads to more serious problems. Don’t temporarily fix the problem. Call us for a free assessment. We will make sure your damage is fixed and reliably for a long time.
Home Window Replacement
Here at Titanium, we have an experience knowing what will work best for each home from both a structural and visual standpoint. Contact Titanium today for a free home window repair or replacement assessment.
Gutter Repair
It all depends on how well the gutters were initially installed and how well the gutters have been maintained overtime. Each situation is different. Contact Titanium today  for a free gutter repair assessment.
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