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Is the vinyl siding on your home worn or damaged, an you need replacement? Titanium Restorations has the experience you need and uses the top products in the industry.
Siding is the first to be hit by a storm and is the outermost shell of your home. At Titanium, we know how to make sure your home will be prepared for any storm as well as hold up against the inevitable aging process.

Vinyl Siding Repair or Replacement

Siding ages with weather and time, can become cracked, withered and even loose part or full panels. Wind for storms can damage siding but most people don't know that moisture from storms can cause fungus, damaged soffit or fascia (roof edges) and potentially leaks. These problems can work their way through the siding on your house and cause major damage down the line. This is why it is important to resolve siding issues immediately.

At Titanium, we know the exact signs to look for in different types of siding damage and the steps to take and effectively address the problem. Each home is accessed with repair efforts for each specific situation.

Custom Siding

There are several types and styles of siding to choose when for the outside of their home. At Titanium, we offer an endless variety of siding choices. Choose from top quality products for shake, shingle vinyl, stone, and horizontal or vertical vinyl siding that we provide at our assessment consultation.

Gutter Replacement

Are your gutters clogged, leaking and damaged? Titanium Restorations provides gutter repair and replacement services to prevent structural problems in the future.

Damaged gutters can lead to many structural headaches, in addition to being  an eyesore on a home. Our experience and top rated products will leave you with a result you will be happy with now, and in the future.

Gutter Installation

If you don't properly maintain your gutters, your home can suffer serious storm and flood damage. Here at Titanium, we know that quality gutter replacement is necessary to avoid future problems.

Our Process:

  • Free damage assessment
  • Find the best brand and type gutter replacement for your home
  • Install new gutters, making sure they are secure and reliable

Most of the time, when a storm damages a roof and siding, the metal gutters will be damaged and in need of replacement as well.

Let us provide local MD gutter replacement and repair services for you today by contacting Titanium for a free assessment.

Tarping and Emergency Services

Headquartered in Bowie, MD, Titanium Restorations Inc. we provide emergency services from storm damage. We have established ourselves as the top storm damage repair company in MD and strive for a standard of excellence.

What can Titanium Restorations do?

Titanium will address your emergency immediately, from free storm damage inspection, working with your homeowners insurance to temporary solutions like tarping, using high quality building products.

Call Titanium at 1-301-383-0651 or click here to schedule your FREE, no obligation, damage assessment today.

  • We assess your damage
  • We repair your damage
  • You enjoy your home!