Every step of the way, we focus on you.

Does your roof need replacing or repair? We are a top-quality, local roofing company and can help you with your roof replacement needs.
At Titanium, we combine our years experience and knowledge to rejuvenate the solid structure of your home. Only through evaluation and pinpointing the precise course of action, can we produce a top-quality result for our customers. Therefore, we take the time to carefully assess the needs, to each specific home.

Roof repair assessment

We have a very thorough repair process for your roof replacement, which you can read more about on our process page. When we begin work, we keep you informed through each stage of our roof repair process. Our customer service is top priority and we provide supplies that are the #1 selling products for your home.

Roof installation

The roof installation process is as detailed as our initial assessment, and completed in timely stages. Before beginning our project we prepare the site. We include tarps to cover any exposed areas of your home, safety barriers and signs to mark the work zone, and other procedures initiated by our workers.

Roofing materials

We offer a variety of shingle color schemes, styles and options. We are here to build and repair your home with your input on style and function.

We make sure to address all types of damage such as shingle damage, rotting wood, leaks. Our process will help ensure each issue is addressed and repaired to the best of our customer’s satisfaction.