Need emergency services? Titanium Restorations now! We are a fully licensed contractor in MD that provides emergency services and tarping services.

Headquartered in Bowie, MD, Titanium Restorations Inc. we provide emergency services from storm damage. We have established ourselves as the top storm damage repair company in MD and strive for a standard of excellence.

What can Titanium Restorations do?

With our employees having years of experience in delivering quality renovations we utilize the experience and expertise of licensed insurance professionals to facilitate the claims recovery process.

Titanium will address your emergency immediately, from free storm damage inspection, working with your homeowners insurance to temporary solutions like tarping, using high quality building products.

Call Titanium at 1-301-383-0651 or click here to schedule your FREE, no obligation, damage assessment today.

We assess your damage
We handle your insurance
We repair your damage
You enjoy your home!

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