Titanium Roof & Siding Repair Process
Every step of the way, we focus on you.

Here’s how Titanium Restorations Process works.

  • Call Titanium to schedule an appointment with one of our representatives
  • We will assist you with contacting your insurance company to report the loss
  • We will prepare a detailed report of all the damage, including hail damage, and an itemized estimate to repair your property to its pre-loss condition
  • We will meet with your insurance company adjuster to discuss the necessary repairs
  • Your insurance company will complete an estimate and issue a payment as necessary
  • We will review your insurance company’s estimate to make sure it covers all the damage and associated repair costs
  • We will sit down with you to discuss the insurance company’s estimate and provide building material samples
  • We will prepare a detailed work order/contract based on the building materials you choose
  • We will schedule a date for the repair and renovations
  • We will complete all repairs
  • We will submit the appropriate documentation to your insurance company to assist you with recovering the depreciation
  • We will ensure that the only out-of-pocket expense you’ll be responsible for is your deductible